Online Textbook Redesign


Custom redesign and execution of the online textbook platform “TIM – The Interactive Material” for Aalto University.

Focus point of the redesign was to improve the legibility of the textbook materials on screen, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the platform for teachers. This was acchieved through careful adjusting of font-sizes, font-families, line lengths and headline styles. Unique styles were used to help seperating the main text from user comments, without drawing too much attention. Particular care was also taken to improve the legibility of code snippets, as much of the material on the platform is programming related.

The redesign had to be mostly “cosmetical”, without touching the actual underlying site-structure, as the Aalto University version had to stay as compatible as possible with the main branch at Jyväskylä University.

Screenshots are from the “Object-oriented programming in C++” and “Basic Course in C programmig” courses, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Pasi Sarolahti, Essi Jukkala, Jussi Hietanen.