Ebola in the News


Information visualization investigating the development of online coverage on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) across international media, comparing it to the actual numbers of deaths in the affected countries. Key events that seem to drive media interest are annotated on the graphs. A small multiples graphic at the bottom compares Google search trends to the media coverage, and suggests that these might work as an indicator for the fluctuations in interest in other countries.

Designed as part of the Information Design course led by Juuso Koponen, Jonatan Hildén and Tommi Kovala.

This project is featured on Informaatiomuotoilu.fi
and Aalto University’s Visual Communication Design Department website.

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The visualization exhibited in the Department's Spring Exhibtion 2015.
middle: Daylight length in Helsinki by Maja Tisel / right: Food waste in finnish households by Marija Erjavec / Photo by Helina Kuusela